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Welcome to Elite Hospital, a reputable orthopedic and women’s hospital located in South Bopal, Ahmedabad,Gujarat. Founded in July 2022, Elite Hospital has been dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services to our patients.

Elite Hospital focuses on delivering gynecology and orthopedic treatments for its clients on various conditions. Our team of qualified doctors, surgeons, and other medical personnel are committed to individualized attention and empathetic care for all patients entering our hospital.

Elite Hospital at South Bopal is known for its wide range of musculoskeletal therapies related to orthopedics. If you are experiencing joint pain, fractures, sports injuries, or orthopedic problems. In that case, we have specialists who can give you accurate diagnoses. At the same time, provide effective treatment plans, including continuing support to help you recover mobility and improve your quality of life.

Besides offering orthopedic services, Elite Hospital has a division that specifically deals with women’s health. The services the gynecological department provides include general check-ups during pregnancy, fertility treatments, and gynecological surgeries, among others. We also understand that women have unique healthcare needs, thus endeavouring to create a safe and comfortable setup for all female patients.

At Elite Hospital, our topmost priorities are patient satisfaction and safety. Our up-to-date facilities are equipped with modern medical technology, ensuring top-quality patient care. Healthcare is more than just a service; it is a combination of expertise and compassion.

Elite Hospital


We aim to offer exceptional healthcare services for women’s health and orthopedics at Elite Orthopaedic and Women’s Hospital. We understand that patient have unique needs, and we endeavor to provide comprehensive care that includes gynecology as well as orthopedic treatment. Our hospital is staffed with highly qualified specialists who offer a wide range of services in Gynecology and Orthopedics.

Our gynecologists have expertise in various conditions, such as reproductive health, pregnancy, menopause, and fertility issues, among others. The latest medical technology and surgical techniques enable our orthopedic surgeons to offer effective treatment for Musculosketal, fractures, Joint Replacement and ligament injuries.

We are the leading Orthopedic and Women’s Hospital in Ahmedabad in delivering complete care with compassion.


At Elite Orthopedic and Women’s Hospital, our vision is to deliver superior healthcare services for female patients as well as those seeking orthopedic treatments. We make it our objective to be on the cutting edge of all upcoming advances in medicine.

Additionally, we have a team of highly qualified doctors, surgeons, and other medical personnel who offer top-notch services to our patients. We aim to provide individualized care plans that meet each patient’s specific needs.

Elite Orthopedic and Women’s Hospital combines expertise, innovation, and patient-centered care in order to improve the living standards of women and people who need orthopedic treatment, thus enabling them to live healthy, active lives.

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