Arthroscopic Surgeries

Arthroscopic Surgery

What is Arthroscopic Surgery?

Orthopedics saw a revolution when arthroscopic surgery came into being as one of the minimal procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of various joint issues. The operation involves the use of a small camera called an arthroscope, which is inserted into a joint through a small cut. With the aid of this camera, the surgeon can visualize the patient’s joint, hence performing precision repairs or treatments.

Key Points about Arthroscopic Surgeries:

They are minimally invasive: these types of surgeries are minimally invasive compared to open surgeries. There are fewer scars left by the tiny incisions, which means that patients will not suffer from much pain; instead, they heal quickly.

The correct diagnosis: The arthroscope offers a clear view of the joint through its lenses, allowing doctors to make an accurate diagnosis. This guides them in selecting specific treatment protocols depending on the health status of each patient.

Arthroscopy treatment options: Arthroscopies can be applied to several joint problems like torn ligaments, torn cartilage, bursitis (joint inflammation), and bone spurs. The surgeon may repair or remove injured tissues, wash out the joint, or perform other necessary actions to reduce pain and restore function.

Shorter time for recovery: The minimally invasive nature of arthroscopies typically ensures fast recovery compared to open traditional ones. As such, the hospitalization period is shortened while patients regain their everyday lives in no time, including resuming sports activities.

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