PreConceptional Counselling

Preconceptional Counselling

What is Pre-Conceptional Counselling?

Pre-conceptional counselling offers substantial information for individuals or couples wishing to have children in future. It may consist of discussions with health care providers on various topics regarding pregnancy and ensuring both people are ready physically and emotionally for what lies ahead.

Key Points about Pre-Conceptional Counselling:

Evaluating health and lifestyle: Physicians may determine couples’ or individuals’ overall health and lifestyle during pre-conceptional counselling. They ascertain medical history, identify risk factors, and discuss existing health conditions that can affect fertility or pregnancy.

Optimizing nutrition and supplements: Nutrition significantly influences fertility and pregnancy. Through preconception counselling, physicians can guide patients on healthy eating habits, ensuring that the body gets the required nutrients for reproduction and recommend necessary supplements to support reproductive health.

Identifying genetic risks: There is an examination process of some potential risk of genetic disorders or hereditary illnesses being passed down to an unborn child. For instance, they might review family medical histories or even indicate a need for genetic testing to determine possible risks and other options.

Addressing lifestyle factors: The consumption of alcohol, drug use, and smoking are examples of lifestyle choices that can have a significant bearing on conception as well as pregnancy results. Medical practitioners can assist you in quitting harmful habits, managing stress and adopting healthy lifestyles through preconception counselling to enhance the likelihood of getting pregnant faster.

Discussing reproductive planning: Reproductive planning is also often talked about during pre-conceptional counselling, which includes when to become pregnant ideally, birth control options, concerns or questions about conceiving naturally, assisted reproductive technologies (ART) or using fertility treatments.

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